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"unable to determine file system type"

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16 GB MicroSD card. Took out of phone to transfer pics to PC.  Was browsing pics and had deleted a few pics when browser window suddenly shut down. When I tried to open the drive again, got message that card needed to be formatted.


Remounted card in phone which said card was empty.


Just tried using Recuva and though it shows "drive F" it gives the above message: "unable to detemine file system type."


Help, please!  What now? Many pics, etc. I don't know what to do next.


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Hi usillyrabbitu, and welcome to the forum.


To save my fingers, the suggestions in this post also apply to your situation ...




Either try the alternative (free) software in the links which will scan a raw drive or card, or do a "quick format" to initialize the file system and enable Recuva to scan the card.


I stress "QUICK Format", not the "Full" variety which would wipe the card of files.


Also take note of the option to first back up your card with "USB Image Tool" before formatting.


Which option to take is entirely your choice, but please ask if you need further guidance on any of them.


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