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Incorrect vRAM amount

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I am using a Win7 x64 laptop with an nVidia 880m with 8 gig of vRAM. Speccy incorrectly reports 4 gig only as per the attached screenshot, while GPU Shark correctly shows 8 gig. Why does this happen, and how can it be fixed?post-69280-0-98977400-1397144688_thumb.pngpost-69280-4515_thumb.png

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I have exactly the same interrogation about the reading of Speccy. You did not have an answer about the VRAM not shown with Speccy. With the 32 bits program Speccy it shows 4gig, which is the maximum amount of memory the 32 bits program can see. I also try the 64 bits program directly Speccy64.exe.  It shows exactly the same thing four gigs of VRAM. I think even with the Speccy.exe program on a 64bits system will use the 64bits version of Speccy. However, the Speccy utility is installed in the 64 Program Files folder. We hope we'll get an answer about this issue, because of that I was wondering about the card the Nvidia Quadro M4000 with the 8gig, I thought it was defective. I don't think so, it just confuses us. The strange part the program can see the 64gig of RAM. From this experience, I have learned that we   careful about the info we receive sometimes. Other then that I'm quite satisfied with the rest of the program.


The OS is Windows 10 Pro 64 bits version  with 64 gig of memory



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