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Adblock removed after every use of Ccleaner

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Whenever I use the Ccleaner program my adblock on google Chrome gets removed and I have to manually re-install it. 

I have tried several adblockers from the chrome shop and each and every one of them is removed after using Ccleaner.


Some info: 

Windows 7 starter, 32 bit SP1

Google Chrome  33.0.1750.154 m

Currently using: AdBlock 2.6.26

Ccleaner v4.05.4250


Any info on how to prevent this from happening would be very welcome! I rather nog re-install my extentions every time I cleaned up my PC.


Thank you!

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You should try the latest version of CCleaner which is v4.12.4657 (25 Mar 2014).

Do you use Winapp2.ini file?

I do not believe I do as I have no idea what that is. 

However on this particular netbook (asus eee pc) I am using a free version, and upgrading means

I will have to purchase the program (again). I rather keep free software on this one. 

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If you've an option under chrome called HTML5 storage, please try unticking it. You must update your CCleaner to a more recent version (remember, CCleaner is free! and if you've paid for it, the updates for that are free for a year) because Chrome 32 changed some stuff around and older versions of CCleaner break newer versions of Chrome.

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