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Move large files with minimum size of 0MB


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It seemed like in previous versions this worked to move all of the files I selected under "Move only selected file types" to the end of the drive, however they were left fragmented, and then still fully defragment the remaining files.


With the latest version of defraggler, it no longer fully defragments any files when set this way.  It actually causes worse fragmentation than before.  The reason I occasionally do this is to try to move the files that are automatically modified extremely often after the files that are rarely changed so as to reduce the fragmentation caused when they do change and to reduce the defragmentation time required.

What I do is to run two passes, the second with that option off so it defragments those files that are often modified, but leaves them after all the other files.  The idea is that doing this every few months will reduce the time required for a regular defragmentation pass.


It is possible that it simply appeared to work for me before, however, since the option is there, I believe that it should work.


Please tell me that this will be fixed soon. :)


If you need any information, please let me know.




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