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Skip uac for defraggler in windows 7?

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Is there a way to implement skip uac for defraggler in windows 7?


I have tried to create a scheduled task with the $(Arg0) argument like I noticed CCleaner has but it did not work.



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I've created many tasks to skip UAC. I am running Win8.1, but I think it's very similar for Win7.


Create a task and select "Run with highest privileges". I always change "Configure for" to my OS version, because for some stupid reason, it defaults to ancient versions. It probably doesn't matter for most tasks, though.


Under the Settings tab of the "Create Task" window, I uncheck the option to "Stop the task if it runs longer than" because I don't want my process killed in the event I run it and then leave it running.


Of course, on the Actions tab, you have to supply the path and any parameters.


Give the task a sensible name, then create a shortcut to it with a path similar to the following:


%SystemRoot%\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "\Skip UAC\My Process Skip UAC"


Where "\Skip UAC\" is any path under the "Task Scheduler Library" (I put all mine under a "Skip UAC" folder), and of course "My Process Skip UAC" is the name of the task itself.

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