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Cracking your password is er.... easy?


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From yesterday's Telegraph:


'The lead detective investigating Oscar Pistorius over the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has been sent to the Apple headquarters in California to seek help in bypassing password protection on the athlete's iPhone, just days before his murder trial is due to begin. The South African Police Service has been struggling for months to access text and Whatsapp messages on the iPhone 5 they found lying on the bathmat outside the lavatory where Miss Steenkamp was shot in the early hours of St Valentine's Day morning last year.


Mr Pistorius told detectives that he could not remember the Apple ID code needed to log in to the phone. The South African authorities claimed earlier this month that America's FBI was dragging its heels on authorising Apple to disclose the encrypted information.


Three senior police officers including Lt Gen Vineshkumar Moonoo and Captain Francois Moller, who is listed as a state expert witness on mobile phone analysis, flew to the US on Monday and are due to visit Apple headquarters today.'




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Welcome to South Africa news, where we make other peoples lifes a living hell and the president gets away with....a lot of things.


Nothing new to us living in SA :angry:



Edit: After seeing moderators "comment" changed it to something cleaner, hope it's better now ?

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