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Hosts File update glitch?


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I just recently began seeing error messages in the place of a blocked ad, as depicted here in Yahoo mail ...




Quickly traced it to my Hosts File with a list of entries carrying instead of


All I can think of the reason for this is maybe a recent update to the Hosts file, as I simply can't think of anything else which would change the "" to "".


I do know that I had no entries the last time I edited that file.


Used "Hostman's "Edit\Replace IP" menu to bulk change the long list of entries to ...




... and the blocked address error no longer shows.


This is all for info really in case anyone else running a Hosts file suddenly starts seeing blocked ADdress errors.


ADdress ... get it?   :)

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MVPS.org HOSTS file switched to using, something which Hazelnut pointed out to me when I started a topic about it. You'll just have to use your HOSTS manager software to switch them after each and every MVPS.org HOSTS File update.



Actually I didn't start a topic about it, I posted it in the HOSTS file update topic here.

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Important Note: The HOSTS file contains a change in the prefix in the HOSTS entries to "" instead of the usual "".

This was done to resolve a slowdown issue with the new Win8.1/IE11 and the HOSTS file.

that was straight off the winhelp2002.mvps.org site.

i guess if you use IE, leave them as else find/replace to


HostsXpert has a one button fix under Editing, click Swap Localhost (twice)

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