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It say "New version" but there isn't one


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I've installed CCleaner 4.10 slim build on Windows 7 x64. Today it says there's a new version, so when I click it, I have to click "no thanks" and "builds page" only to find there isn't a new version. There's a new version of the full build, but not the slim build, which I've got installed. Oops?

Secondary suggestion: please let the "new version!" link in the program link directly to the download. It does say "click to download" after all, so that's what it should do. Otherwise change the link text to "click for a upselling offer".

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Understood, but that's not the problem.


The problem is that when having the slim version installed, it should only say there's a new version if there's a new *slim* version, because that's the one installed.

And "Click to download!" is still (version 4.11) not the truth. It clicks, but doesn't download.

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Well, it is true that there's a new version, it gives users the option to choose what CC packaging they want, and alerts them to CC enhancements. I guess you have Auto check for updates checked? I don't, which is probably why it doesn't annoy me.


Click to download tries to sell you something? I know that 'That's what every website does' is no consolation, but Piriform has to eat like the rest of us.

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