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CCleaner kills iCloud calender.

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Hi everybody,


I’m using the free CCleaner version and I gladly would buy the professional version.  

However befor I buy it, a problem I encounter every time I use this program has te be solved.


I use Windows 7 with IE 10.

Every time I use  CCleaner the iCloud Calender (in IE) does not work anymore and gives an error like this: “ System cannot find path. .. at Anonymous function https://  www.icloud.com/ applications/ calendar/ javascript - packed .js etc… “.

The other things in iCloud (and the rest on my computer) just work fine.


After some time (about 1 day) the calender suddenly works again. Can somebody please tell me what this is? If this problem keeps appearing, I’m afraid I will have to stop using CCleaner and buying the pro version would not be an option.   


Thank you very much for your help!




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