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Adobe Flash & Winsxs folder

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1. I have a problem with Adobe Flash & IE 10, IE 11 on my Win 7 system. I moved from IE 9 through IE 10 and then to IE 11. But IE 11 seems to be very reluctant to work well with Adobe Flash 11 (No, not v12, the Adobe update website wants me to use v11 with IE 11). I simply wasn't able to get it working. And it also seemed IE 11 kills the GOOGLE toolbar as well. After A LOT OF hassle I went back to IE 9 and now these things work well again. Do other readers experience the same problems ?? Any suggestions ?


Or perhaps it's the combination of a number of programs installed ? Like e.g. Real Player, SWF Player (for playing *.FLV files), Adobe Flash, ......................


2. Microsoft has updated Windows (7 & 8) with an option that allows the Windows user to remove files of previous updates. These files are located in the infamous Winsxs folder. Don't know whether or not I am going to use at all.




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As for the first question, turn off enhanced protection (internet options advanced) then enable all your add-ons

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I have absolutely no problems with Flash v12 on either Win 7 or Win 8.1 using IE11.


What error message do you get?


Do you uninstall previous Flash player first?


How do you install it, as a binary file or a full download?


What happens if you try running IE with no adons, does Flash work then?


If you are using Win 7 then ideally you want to be running the latest IE browser and not one that Vista uses.

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Thanks for the replies. It does seem the combination of Flash and some other software is causing this trouble. Now I need to find out which software. But I can't do without some programs. Complicated stuff, computers ...................

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