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CCleaner on Maverics


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  • 1 month later...

CCleaner does not remove cookies.


From what browser?


I likely won't be able to solve your problem, but I know anyone investigating it would want to know the answer to that.


Long time windows user who has now got a MAC.


Same here.  :)

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Just thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this issue with Ccleaner on a Mac ( OS X 10.9.2)

I have been a long time fan of Ccleaner on my old Win XP system for years, it has saved me believe it or not from many issues.

Anyway, when that PC died after 10 yrs, I just bought a  new iMac. I'm new to the mac world and have read many articles about NOT needing any 3rd party

virus scans, malware scan etc. After years of XP, this was hard to swallow but CCleaner?, well I thought that could not harm anything.

In mid Feb 14, I found a CCleaner for Mac and downloaded it from Piriform site. It was easy and worked like I thought it should.

I soon discovered that I was getting a lot of 'Server not Found' probelms trying to access sites. I assumed this was a Firefox issue.

These problems started to happen more and more and loading sites was getting slower and slower. Again, I attributed this to Firefox.

I tried Safari ( don't like it ), and I still got 'Server not Found' errors. Funny because I would use CC to clear temp  files thinking that this would help but things got slower.

Finally, I had to see if CC was the problem and removed it. All problems were solved instantly. I was disappointed because I just didn't really know how CC was slowing things down.

Was I using it wrong or should I have listened to the Mac crowd that 'You don't need anything and it will only hurt your system'?

I just thought CC was a small harmless tool to clear out unwanted files.

Anyone else have an issue like this ?



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I was only relating the info I've read from numerous threads from the Apple suport community.

That said, might anyone offer suggestions for protection. And as for the topic here, CC had significantly slowed down my browser (firefox/Safari).

Can you offer any solutions or has this problem affected anyone else? Possibly I was using it incorrectly.

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