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Deleted Registry Items Now Registry Cleaner Wants To Fix Them

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Ad Aware was uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller. About 12 fragments remained in the registry, and every time I right clicked to do anything Windows Installer would aggressively try to reinstall Ad Aware.  I ran AdwCleaner, but the problem of attempting to reinstall still persisted.  I got a professional IT technician, and he meticulously deleted all of the fragments in the registry relating to Ad Aware.  The problem disappeared.  However, when I launched CCleaner and clicked Registry Cleaner it gathered up all of these deleted fragments and offered to fix them.  I want to delete them for good.  So I just closed out CCleaner.  What should I do to make sure these Ad Aware fragments are deleted?  My first scan with Registry Cleaner exhibits the EXE file for Ad Aware.  I want Ad Aware totally gone. Would I reinstall these deleted Registry if I clicked FIX?

See screen shot of my first Registry Cleaner Scan which was made after manual deletion of Ad Aware fragments.  See 18 down for EXE file.  There are about a dozen related files that were manually deleted from registry.    


See screen shot.


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The highlighted just points to the installer, which no longer exists, it is safe to remove via ccleaner

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Nergal is right. You can safely remove those via ccleaner. Just in case, do the backup option. Just to be safe.


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