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New Gmail settings


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If you are happy with this.... okay.


If not, opt out as soon as possible. I personally don't want gmail suggesting my gmail address to people.





Have you ever started typing an email to someone only to realize halfway through the draft that you haven't actually exchanged email addresses? If you are nodding your head 'yes' and already have a Google+ profile, then you’re in luck, because now it's easier for people using Gmail and Google+ to connect over email. As an extension of some earlier improvements that keep Gmail contacts automatically up to date using Google+, Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients when you are composing a new email



Support contact




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Your email address isn't visible to a Google+ connection unless you send that person an email, and likewise, that person’s email address isn’t visible to you unless they send you an email.

i don't use or even add anyone to my Google+ account so i don't think this will affect me

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Thanks for the tip off Hazelnut ;)

Sligthly off topic I once started to register a facebook account,from my ipad, not my main computer,even before I had completed it "Facebook" suggest a few people I might like as friends,the thing was I new all of them,even as far away as Australia and Japan,

I can only think it had cross referenced email addresses from my main computer and then matched with facebook accounts.

Needless to say I`m not on facebook !

I only like the safety of Piriform !!! :ph34r:


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Yes, thanks, Hazelnut. 

Wonder what demographic they are targeting?  Iow, who goes in for this stuff? 

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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