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Where do you make winapp2 suggestions?

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Is there an official place to make suggestions for winapp2?  I posted one in a thread about it, but nobody even commented on it, so i'm not sure what the right way to make a suggestion is.

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Only in that thread, i'll look again and reread your post.Edit:


For the ManyCam cleanup, what about cleaning up the AppData\Roaming\ManyCam\Settings\MoviesThumbnails folder? It doesn't appear to remove thumbnails when you remove movies from it's queue in the program.
I'm not sure what you are getting at?Try to repost there again, but this timeInclude the original entry (if there is one) and seek help if you need instructions for adding (removing?) The line forAppData\Roaming\ManyCam\Settings\MoviesThumbnailsWhat doesn't appear to remove? The program? The current winapp2 entry?Are the files safe to remove if the program still has the movies that are thumbnails (do correct ones recreate on next open of manycam or would this break things)As we cannot expect anyone to have this program, we will be forced to rely on you to test the entry thoroughly
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Hiya, I read your post and added this entry in the most recent update (2014-01-06)



[ManyCam Thumbnails*]
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Cool, thanks guys.  I wasn't sure if that was the right place or not.  It's a free program, and as far as I can tell no ill effects from removing those thumbnails as the program just generates those when you add movies.

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