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CCleaner Needs To Improve Cleaning of Internet Explorer 10 & 11

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Hi Everyone,


I wish CCleaner would improve the cleaning of Internet Explorer 10 & 11 as index.dat is no longer being used. Apparently Microsoft as renamed the file WebcacheV01.dat.  Sometimes this dat file can become corrupted and so deleting it periodically can be useful.


There is discussion about this WebcacheV01.dat on another forum.  See the link below






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Are you referring to index.dat or WebcacheV01.dat?  CCleaner will delete index.dat but IE 8 and 9 will rebuild this file.  I assume the same is true for WebcacheV01.dat... if you manually delete it.  Right now though CCleaner does not give you a way to delete that file with their program.



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Try using SuperDelete, it comes with SuperAntiSpyware.

Alternatively you could try using iCacls to take ownership of any file that Windows thinks it really needs

That has a good chance of removing such files and allowing you to discover that Windows was right and it really needed that file :angry::wacko:

I prefer that CCleaner continue to play safe - not many CCleaner users have the skills to repair damage by super access tools.

But as ever, the developers will choose what suggestions to accept.

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Here is the method of cleaning that won't crash your applications or corrupt your hard drive:

schtasks /end /tn \Microsoft\Windows\Wininet\CacheTask
esentutl /r V01 /l%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache /s%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache
del %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache\*.chk
del %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache\*.log
del %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache\*.jrs
esentutl /d %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache\WebCacheV01.dat
schtasks /run /tn \Microsoft\Windows\Wininet\CacheTask

You don't even need to reboot, though to be on the safe side you might restart IE, Teamviewer, and anything else connecting to taskhostex's Webcache. You do not need to be admin to run this. Explanation:

  • schtasks /end will unlock the file
  • esentutl /r will merge the transaction log into the database, then you can delete the transaction logs
  • esentutl /d will compact the file
  • schtasks /run will turn it back on again

Unlocking a file without ensuring the handle is closed in the host appis a Bad Idea, that will quietly or not-so-quietly break something random (as soon as the handle is re-used for another file, the old app will start writing garbage into it thinking it's still the unlocked file).

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Old topic is old. I'm not even sure the answer you gave is valid or safe.

But threadcromancy is not really needed in this case, so I've closed thread

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