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Checking "Internet History" under "Chrome" when cleaning will result in all Chrome extensions and preferences being deleted.

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Pretty big issue in my opinion. I did my best to help by testing each cleaning option under "Chrome" and my findings conclude that choosing to clean Internet History will have this result.


Upon starting Chrome for the first time after a clean, a Chrome alert pop-up will appear stating the following:


Your preferences could not be read.
Some features may be unavailable and changes to preferences won't be saved.



You'll find that all of your extensions and your Chrome settings have been deleted. You must download all the extensions and reconfigure Chrome to your liking. The settings for the extensions however will be preserved. I guess this is probably because they save their settings in a different directory than the extension itself.



I've had this problem since the last update. I didn't report it yet because I thought it might be something on my end but to my investigations so far, it's not.


For the time being I suggest anyone having this issue should clean with "Internet History" unchecked. You can delete Chrome history manually.


My OS is Windows 8.1 Pro x64.




- Alex




This bug has been fixed as of version 4.09.4471 - Thank you, CCleaner team!

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Yeah it seems to be Chrome and Windows 8.1 that has a few bugs right now, judging from currently reported bugs.


Just thought I'd throw my report in as well. It seems to specifically be the Internet History option, so at least I figured out that much.



I'm new here by the way, obviously. Like the clean slick layout of this forum. Most community forums just use default phpBB or in some cases vBulletin, but default nonetheless.

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Oh, forgot to note that extension settings (preferences) are still in tact and will be the same as before the extensions were deleted if you reinstall them. Edited that into my report.


For example, my AdBlock and SpeedDial 2 extensions were removed, but after I installed them again I didn't have to configure them again. I'm guessing they save their data in a different directory than the ones that CCleaner wipes.

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I generally keep Ccleaner up to date except this time: I didn't update from 4.08 to 4.09.4471 for no particular reason. I started having problems with Chrome and I couldn't figure out why until I found this thread. Thanks a lot! Much appreciated! :)

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