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It's also available when you click in CCleaner: Options->About

The command line is present there.







:P Awesome, thanks for that. Took me a while to figure out that it was actually running, but invisibly! Can you suggest to MrG that this useful feature be incorporated in the product.

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I would LOVE to see an option to "Clean automatically on every shutdown", i know there is a "clean on startup" option, but i really don't like it, i would much rather it to clean on shutdown, so maybe be best to have both options?





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some suggestions suggested by one of my dear friend...



1. create a new tab for internet browsers instead of placing them in the applications tab

2. the startup manager should allow user to add programs to startup

3. the startup manager should allow user to enable disabled items

4. the startup manager should allow user to hide/show the windows/office hotfixes

5. show gridlines for the startup manager

6. the startup manager item bar: "Programs" | "File" | "Key"

7. another tool to display the running processes

8. for the running processes, display the modules

9. a registry defragment tool in the 'tool' button

10. a registry editor tool on the 'tool' button with ability to search for registry



1. ability to do clean items included in the Windows Disk CleanUp

2. search for more areas in the system instead of part of it

last but not least, my friend want to thank CCleaner and the maker of CCleaner...







Windows already has a registry editor, and I usually disable it using mmc for all but administrative users. Hard lesson learned from curious users that were clueless about effects of registry changes.

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came a cross something I thing should be added in a future release, maybe on a side icon.


Build a list of empty folders with the option to delete them


and while I think of it, is it possible to add a feature into the Tools/startup screen which allow you to reorganise the startup list, I don't think I ever seen anything that does that. It just I'd prefer to put things like the anti-virus and firewall program at the top of the list and the less useful ones at the bottom.

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1. Provide a custom file deleting, some thing like deleting all the *.GDI (windows help's back up file) or *.old like that, where the user can add his one & remove his own.

So we can have a fully customizable temp file remover :)


2. Update can be done in back ground, some thing like the Antivirus guys do by using the signature files. Hence no need to go to the web & download & then install them manually.


Over its a cute tool. great work guys!! keep it up !




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I couldn`t see it mentioned but it would be nice if you could run CCleaner on a driver other than the current system drive.


What I mean is, say you connect a HD from another machine and it is drive e:, you could set CCleaner to assume that is the system drive and scan e:\windows\temp and e:\documents and settings etc. Of course this would need to be combined with the ability to clean up all users temp data.


I use CCleaner at work and this feature would be very useful for us. At the moment I have to go around manually cleaning all the temp stuff.

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Hi and thank you for this wonderful software.


I use it now for one year and i've not find better than ccleaner.

However there is something I'd like to do. I have a program which create every time I use it a new folder in "My documents". There is a function in ccleaner to clean the files inside the folder but not the folder itself. It would be really great if this founction could be added in a next update ;)


Thank you !

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Change the behavior of the Advanced option called "Tray Notifications Cache" to:

1. When clicked still show a warning prompt.

2. After the 'Run Cleaner' button is pressed automatically untick Tray Notifications Cache and show another prompt that the explorer.exe process will be now be shutdown and relaunched to allow Tray Notifications Cache cleaning to be completed.


There's already a .vbs script that can automatically shutdown and restart explorer.exe at http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm in '53. Remove Past Items From Notification Area', however I'd like that automatted ability built into CCleaner without having to manually do it.

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The Eraser can't be beat :)

Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and DOS.

Eraser is Free software and its source code is released under GNU General Public License.


Keep your security software up to date by viewing the announcements at Calendar of Updates

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I'm not moaning about it, because its done when its done but as the secure shredder seems to be a bit slow in coming. How about a option to place all files and folders selected for removal in the recycling bin. This way users who use a secure shredder of some sort can the securely erase these files and folders.


Obviously when this option is selected it automatically disables "Empty Recycling Bin"

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A feature that allows you to WIPE your temporary internet files, index.dat files under ContentIE.5, or just about any other thing that you want to get rid (old programs, etc)


If I am not mistaken, I believe that CCleaner only allows you to delete TIF and index.dat files, but it does not WIPE them.

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Supposedly an eraser, or wiping, feature is being added to CCleaner. But that could just be a myth. Dozens of users (myself included) have suggested a wiping feature, so hopefully the much anticipated new version will include it. MrG said the new version will be available soon! Wetting self with glee.

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One thing (cant find it mentioned before but I might have searched incorrectly) would be to allow ccleaner to cean other accounts on a computer.


I use ccleaner on alot of family and friends computers and it would help speed up cleaining of the machine if I could get all of them from the administrator account

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