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v4.08 and 4.07 causing loss of user preferences in Chrome 32.0.1700.39 beta


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The current beta version of Google Chrome, version 32.0.1700.39 beta-m Aura, has its user preferences erased or corrupted when either version 4.08.4428 or 4.07.4369 of CCleaner are used.  


The issue occurs when CCleaner has the cleanup option 'Internet History' check marked under Applications>Google Chrome and a cleanup cycle is performed.  All other options under Chrome within the CCleaner Applications menu do not result in a loss of user Chrome preferences.



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Betas arent supported by ccleaner, the developers can only work so fast as they are human ;-)

If you run a beta you need to use the inbuilt tools for the browser

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Thanks, we'll look into this.


For the moment:

- stop using Startup tool for Chrome

- don't clean "Internet History" and "Last Download Location" for Chrome. 





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