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Cannot view recovered pictures from Olympus camera

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Hi everybody,


I've used Recuva to recover deleted pictures from a Olympus SZ-30MR camera. Recovering worked well but I'm not able to open 80% of the recovered pictures. No app is able to open these, not even Irfanview. Typical properties of files that can't be opened: In Explorer no dimensions of # pixels are shown, but they still have the original memory content. It also says it a JPEG.

Any ideas how to solve this? 


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Hi RunForFun, and welcome to the forum.


I don't have anything definitive for you I'm afraid, short of the suggestion to try recovering your pics with other free software.


This is not to suggest that Recuva is lacking in any way, but I've experienced different results with different software when scanning for the same deleted digital images. I'm far far from being expert in any way with image recovery, but I can share my experience of doing it from a users point of view.


Here's two examples of the same image, recovered within a few minutes of each other with two different recovery programs ...


post-8751-0-35376000-1386015955_thumb.jpg  post-8751-0-09610800-1386016024_thumb.jpg


Both were useless, but one program found and restored a part image which may also have had a faulty header. I'm not sure if that's how it works, but either way, some of the image fragments were missing.


The other program recovered a file which had nothing of use at all.


So with that in mind, short of suggesting professional recovery, maybe try scanning with a number of different programs and you may hit lucky and get something from one or each of them which you didn't get from the others.


PhotRec and TestDisk: (Both in the same download)


Lazersoft Recovery Suite:


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free:


Zero Assumption Recovery:


This is a demo program, but I have installed and tried this, and the Image Recovery section is free and without limitations, and there are no catches of any kind in the EULA (End-user license agreement).


Hope that helps.



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