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Empty Recycle Bin keeps occurring

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For the latest version (4.08.4428 64-bit Windows 8) and the previous two versions, whenever I'm cleaning my hard drive, it says that it's emptying my Recycle Bin (even though it's already empty).  It's always 42,931 KB, 28 files.  No matter what or when I'm cleaning, this always appears.  I've uninstalled and re-installed CCleaner, but it always shows up.  I've tried different wiping methods (3, 7, 35) to no avail.  It doesn't on my other computers though.  What could I do to get rid of this entry?  Thanks.  --FoS

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Perhaps your recycle bin is not working correctly, if it is deleted Windows will automatically build a new one when you re-boot.


See here



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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I am having this issue on 2 pc's, both running Windows 8.1.  I tried the "build a new recycle bin method" on one and it seemed to work.  However, now my other pc is having the same problem - beginning  to believe it's a CCleaner "bug". 

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can't replicate the OP problem here.


CC v4.08.4428, Win8.1, 64bit

Recycle Bin already empty, run CC which also empties Recycle Bin.

All good.

Delete something, Recycle Bin shows it, run CC, Recycle Bin empty.

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