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I am a computer engineer and try to help as many people as I can away from work that have hardware or software issues. I use all of your products (and have for several years) and would like to say thank you for providing them at no cost to the masses. They are wonderful products as a whole. Please note that ALL wonderful products have bugs at different times in the life cycle. This is not a condemnation; only a hopefully useful notification.


Speccy is not reporting the memory correctly in many cases in which 256mb memory modules are part of the total. Since I have seen this 20 or so times, that is my observation. I did report it in an E-Mail but it was blown off by Preston Allen. I have seen this several times where other products see the memory total correctly (including your CCleaner) but not Speccy.


Currently I am working on a Dell E521; the motherboard has 4 slots in which 2 512mb modules and 2 256mb modules populate it. The memory total is reported as 2GB when it is actually 1.5GB total.


Version is 1.24.632

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