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Reports a Registry Problem but Can't Fix It


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Registry scan reports the following but Fix Selected Issues doesn't get rid of it. It's still there if registry scan is run again immediately. It won't delete in Registry or Safe Mode Registry.


Invalid Default Icon C:\Program Files\Zone labs\ZoneAlarm\cvpnd.exe,-279 HkCR\ZAMailSafe\DefaultIcon

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I'm noticing a running "Theme" throughout the forum! :lol: Forum rules should be modified to the following:


If you are having problems. Download/Launch DAF - click green check mark > click go (reboot) -- then Launch DAF again > click Tools > Repair Permissions > click go > reboot. (The other way around) Repair Permissions first!


Persisting problems should now be posted! :lol:

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I'm noticing a running "Theme" throughout the forum! :lol:


lol, nothing like a little free advertising, eh Dj? J/K, haven't personally used Dial-a-Fix, but I've heard good things. Keep up the awesome work!

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ding, ding!


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Try Dial-a-fix > Tools > Repair permissions > GO



Ran Dial-a-fix, Repair permissions, but it said I lacked secedit (I have XP Home). Downloaded your secedit as suggested but it wouldn't run: returned error message - Cannot open a file: secedit.chm.



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