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1.24 Displaying Wrong Motherboard Temp


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I'm running an ASUS Z87-K mobo, and the latest Speccy build(v1.24) is displaying its temperature at 115°C.

I've reinstalled the latest two versions, and they both showed it at the(expected) 28°C. Uninstalling and reinstalling v1.24 didn't fix anything, so I'm back to using v1.23 at the moment.


Any information or solutions are appreciated.


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Hello Guys!



This is my first time in this forum. I just finished my new pc. Core i5 4670k / Asus Z87 -K Motherboard / 8GB Ram / 650W PSU

but whenever i check the temps with speecy it keeps displaying 113 °C which is the max temperature the motherboard can handle.


What do you think it's causing the problem?



Thanks guys!

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I just made a topic and i didn't notice, it was already posted!


OP: I also have an Asus z87-K and it keeps saying 113°C !!!! This also happen with other Tests, it's like nobody love asus :(

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The motherboard temperature is reading 128 degrees Celsius.


Speccy v1.24.632 (64-bit)

Motherboard: Biostar A880G+ AM3

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)



Is there a solution in the works or a temporary fix for this 'bug'? - I'm assuming it's a software flaw since Speccy is showing similar temps from various board manufacturers and OS versions.

CPUID Hardware Monitor (v1.24.0 driver version 136) also reports 128 degrees Celsius.


Thank you for your time, I really enjoy this software.

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Running v1.24.632 (64-bit) on an ASUS H81M-A motherboard:


After being on for 2 minutes, Speccy reports a CPU temperature of 28°C, motherboard temperature of 118°C, and WD HD  temperature of 26°C.


Your programming work is greatly appreciated. :)

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I have two ASUS boards, Sabertooth Z77 and a P8Z68-V Pro Gen3 and version 1.24 shows a normal temp, 30C-34C. I suspect it is some Haswell bug. There are many benchmark programs which don't play well with Haswell too. I initially bought a Sabertooth Z87 and i7-4770K but returned them in favor of Ivy Bridge. Too hot, too much trouble. A HGaswell refresh in rumored to be in the works.




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Hi there....


I have the same problem, but for the CPU.... The software display a temp of 80oC, impossible!!! With the stock fan (and I check in my BIOS)


Stock Fan: 53oC

Gemini S524: 42oC

ThermalTake Water 2.0: 37oC


When I go in Windows, the temp rise approx up to 75oC-80oC... It's almost impossible... I have a super good airflow, good fan... I really beleive Speccy don't read the good information.


The mobo is a ASUS M11BB, cpu is a AMD A8-5500.


Speccy is the only software that can display the temp for my mobo... i've try CPUTemp, and another one i cannot remember the name, and both display me a 0oC...


I really think is only a bad reading!

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For info, bug appears to exist in Speccy v1.26.698 on Asus H81M-K mobo.


Motherboard temp reported at 121C. CPU reported at 26C, HDDs around 40C. No issues with PC operation.


Win 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1

Asus H81M-K mobo, latest BIOS 0803

CPU Intel Celeron G1820 @2.7GHz


Screenshot attached.





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that particular bug has now been known about for around 2 years - so you can either read into that 1) it can't be fixed or 2) they don't care.

but you wouldn't know since no official word from high has been given.

Piriform has recently hired a new, junior Product Manager, so maybe this will be part of his new duties - but again - purely speculation on my part.

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