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.reg files in My Documents?

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I've just noticed that my Documents folder contains 5 .reg files following a CCleaner run a couple of days ago. I've never had this happen before. Can someone please explain why they're there, and if it's a problem, how I should deal with it?

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If you are sure you registry is fine and the pc is running fine too, you can delete them.


just be aware @mdc124 that after a reg clean, your system can seem very normal, for ages, until the day you try to do xyz and realise something is amiss.

and the time gap can be so great that you never join the dots back to a reg clean as the likely culprit.

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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