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Speccy does not seem to be operating correctly with AMD APU

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Speccy V 122 0r v123 does not seem to be operating correctly with my AMD 4500m APU. It seems to be driving my system temp far over the max temp for this APU which is 100c. I have to reboot my system in order to get the temps back down before I burn it up. I am also running the popular Core Temp program & before I launch Speccy it reports temps somewhere between 45c & 65c under my normal day to day computing.


Running Win 8/4gb memory


Any one have any suggestions,,, besides not running Speccy at all :D




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Hello Jimdot


Don't be too alarmed by what Speccy is reporting. I have a laptop with an AMD processor/graphics package and had a very exaggerated CPU temp being reported by the last two versions of Speccy. I installed both Core Temp and AMD Overdrive to give me more info, and they both agreed that my CPU temp was ranging from 40-65C depending on the processor load. At the same time Speccy was showing anywhere from 50-105C. It's not that Speccy is driving up your hardware's temps, it's a matter of calibration, it's way off. I reported this over a month ago, and one of the devs did contact me and ask for a snapshot from Speccy. It is being looked into and will probably be addressed in a future release. Nonetheless I'm glad you posted, you and I will have to keep bugging them to debug Speccy. :D

Start every day with a smile and get it over with. - W.C. Fields

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