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Is it possible to configure ccleaner to delete, system hidden, and read only files ?

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Is it possible to configure ccleaner to delete, system hidden, and read only files ?


I am having trouble with logs having the system hidden attribute set and being ingored by ccleaner. These files are easily deleted using explorer so they are not locked or anything

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Have you tried adding them as an 'include'?


Do you have 'only delete files older than 24hours' ticked in CCleaner advanced settings?

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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Adding them as individual includes would be difficult and cumbersome to maintain, I would much rather have ccleaner delete the whole folder at once.


thus I have the folder specified in winapp2.ini


Ex: Application Data\Example|*.*|REMOVESELF


so logically it should remove all files in that folder and the folder itself, ccleaner is removing all files inside the folder except for the system hidden ones, Which in turn is preventing the folder from being removed.


and no that option is not checked, these files are also considerably older then 24 hours as well.




alright I did some messing around, simply setting the Read only bit will make the folder unremovable in ccleaner. I would upload a batch script to do this however the form doesn't let me so in the spirit of the rule I will not.


This is a problem because in windows "read only" does not actually mean read only, it means read the desktop.ini used for special folders and icons.


Is there any fix for this and should I report it as a bug ?

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