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A better portuguese translation (Speccy)


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I've just downloaded the Speccy today to check which is my memory's DDRx and I stumbled on a bad translation :\:




Summary changed to SUMÁRIO OKAY


Operating system still with no translation.

A topic named FOLDERS OF SYSTEM inside of the "Operating system" is named "PSATAS DO SISTEMA", when the correct is "PASTAS DO SISTEMA".


Folders = "pastas" (in portuguese/br)







not psatas :\




Secity options still with no translation.

Music too...

Fonts too...

Path for burning CD too...

Documents too...

User favorites too...

Check for updates too...

Er... A lot.


I know, you've most important things to do, this can be irrelevant and english is a universal language... But if a language choise is avaliable, we need some commitment.



from Brazil.

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Hi rafael, and welcome to the forum.


English may be universal rafael, but not as important as an individuals own language and it should be correct.


I'm sure the devs will pick up on this and amend it in a future version. Thanks for taking the trouble to post your findings.


From England.


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