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Strange Graphics Listings


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I just upgraded to V-1.23.569 and in the Graphics display it shows numerous monitor listings.

I have 3 monitors but Speccy shows those 3 plus 6 more Default Monitors and it shows 2 of the monitors twice.


See the screenshot.




Strange! :unsure:

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Hi HawkDawg.


If you're not, sadly you're the only one who's bothering to post about it so far.


You say this happened just since you upgraded Speccy. Would you mind reverting to the previous version just to ascertain that it is a version specific problem.




If it is just with Speccy 1.23.569 I'll move your post over to the bug reporting section.


In the meantime, someone may have some info on this that I don't, and I'm sure they'll contribute.

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Thanks for your reply Dennis.


I uninstalled the latest version of Speccy, using Revo Uninstaller, then installed V-1.20.446. That was the latest previous version I had on my hard drive.

Here's a shot of it.




As you can see, it only shows the 3 momitors.


I don't know if it's relevant or not, but all 3 monitors are CRT's.

Also, I am still running XP.

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Thanks for testing that, and for the extra information.


I'll move this topic to the bug reporting section, and suggest that you maybe stay with the version which works for you until a future update to the program.


If the problem still arises with a future version, please report it again and in the same topic if you can bookmark it. That will show immediately that it isn't a new issue.


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