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Re: Scan contents - give option for multiple searches at once


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Scan file contents, while great, is really lacking.


It scans the whole list of files for the one search term you put in.


Why not give me an unlimited, or say, up to 10, search term fields that will separately be searched against every file?


As it stands now you have to re scan file contents for every single thing you want to search for. This starts the entire 4 step process over each time and is very time consuming.


I believe it would be much more efficient if you would make it possible to make multiple searches all at once.


Even if you had a boolean operator in scan file contents like "cows OR buffalo" and your scanner would search for both of those things separately that would work great.

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As the file names - whether doing a normal or deep scan - are not held in any sequence then Recuva has to do a full scan whatever is entered in the FileName/Path box.


However if you run a scan with nothing in the FileName/Path box you can then - after the scan has completed - enter any search item in the FileName/Path box, and clear it and enter another search item without having to scan again. You can enter cows|buffalo too using the or key. For folder searches the backslash is required, i.e. \prefet not prefet. You can do this until the cows|buffaloes come home, or until you feel like a fresh scan.

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