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Speccy Stops CD/DVD Drive From Working


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After being so kind as to allow you to change the title of my previous topic (http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=39502) from "Danger! Speccy Does Not Update Disk Temperatures" (or something like that) to a much less worrying title, I have now discovered that this latest version of Speccy stops my DVD/CD drive from working.


With Speccy running, after inserting a CD or DVD and clicking on the CD icon in the left pane of My Computer, nothing is displayed in the right hand pane. No errors, no warnings, no time-out messages. Nothing.


If I then kill Speccy, the CD or DVD starts to work.


So, basically I've had enough of this product. I'll have to find something else that does the same thing.


If you guys at Piriform can't reproduce this fault, or the other fault of misreporting disk temperatures, then there's really not much hope for this product.


If I could invoice you for the hours I've just spent trying to figure out why my CD/DVD drives weren't working, I would. But I won't be holding my breath.

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Phuket in your other thread




you have had help and input not only from other members, but one of the devs as well.


It is being looked into.


I don't know if you are expecting Piriform to drop everything and make your bug report top priority but you must bear in mind that any other bug reports will be being worked on as well.


As regards this post here today is there a reason why you feel compelled to post about your issue in such an aggressive manner?


If you want to help devs of any software company with bug reports and issues, surely you must realise that the best way to do it is not to start quoting about 'billing them for time spent', 'no hope for the product' etc etc. ?

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After being so kind as to allow you to change the title of my previous topic (http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=39502) from "Danger! Speccy Does Not Update Disk Temperatures" (or something like that) to a much less worrying title



The title falsely indicated that Speccy would cause damage to a computer,

and nowhere in your initial diatribe did you mention temperature.


Only in post #3 did you refer to the disk temperature.


So far as I am concerned your initial tile was Libel.

You were not being kind when you agreed to your false title being changed to an accurate statement.

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Phuket I have been informed that your issues with Speccy have been taken up by the devs and are actively being worked on.


Any fixes will be incorporated into future builds.


Thank you for taking the time to make your reports.


Hopefully if you find any further issues in the future, it would be appreciated if you will bring them to the forum using a less confrontational manner. :)

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I worked in software for 28 years and would never let any product be released without it being thoroughly tested. This product clearly has not been thoroughly tested. Do you realise how much time I have wasted trying to find out why my DVD-CD drive was not working, only to discover it was caused by Speccy?


Do you think this is some kind of game? Issue untested software and see how many bug reports it generates?


I wonder how many other hundreds, if not thousands of people out there right now are wondering why their CD-DVD drive is not working? Would they be able to relate that non-functioning to the latest version of Speccy?


No, I don't expect Piriform to drop everything and fix this problem, but I expect them to make sure their releases are not dangerous or damaging to people's computers.


As for your comment, Alan_B, what is there in "or something like that" that you don't understand? No, I couldn't remember the original title, but I know it indicated that Speccy could cause damage to a computer. Clearly, I should have saved that title for this second problem which does cause damage to a computer.


You think my original title was libellous? Please, what do you think about this second problem? How many people are right now thinking they need to buy a new DVD-CD drive?


If Piriform had any conscience or aspirations towards customer care they would immediately - and I mean right now - produce another update containing exactly the same code as in the previous version, v1.22.536, which did not stop DVD-CDs working.


That way, at least some people would automatically install the update and discover that their DVD-CD magically started working again. Actually, I am not sure I ever used my DVD-CD while running that previous version, so cannot guarantee that it would work.


Hazelnut, I applaud your ability to reply calmly and non-confrontationally. However, I hope you realise that this second problem was the final straw for me. I do seriously wonder what skills your engineers have at Piriform. I used to have about a dozen software engineers working for me and if any produced something as buggy as this they'd be in big trouble. But that would never happen because we had a quality system which demanded proper documentation, design reviews, software reviews, system testing, etc and even field trials. So nothing as buggy as this would ever get released to the public.


I'm done. Good luck with fixing it.

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In that case I think closing this thread would be appropriate, and I'll inform the developers not to bother adding any further replies to your other one, which you obviously aren't returning to.


If any other members have a similar issue, can you please open a new thread.



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