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Class Not Registered for all sections


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I've been using Speccy for a while both on this desktop and my laptops. All use Windows XP3, all use Avast! A/V etc.


Recently (I don't remember when) when I opened Speccy for each and every field I see "Class not Registered" entered for

the results. This is strange. I thought maybe the "upgrade" that I had gotten might have been bad, so I have re installed

1.20.xx and even 1.02.xx yet all show the same results.


HP workstation xm8200

3.2ghz processor,

6 GB memory

3 HD installed, 120 gb, and two 160 gb.

Windows XP sp3 with most if not all updates,

Firefox 15.0x (what ever is current today)

Don't know what or where to look.... screen shot here,



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