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Window Hiders don't work on Recuva Windows


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I have tried the following Window Hider products:








... that I have successfully used with many other software packages for ages, but after recently finding the very good Piriform product Recuva, have found none seemingly have any effect on any of the programs Windows.


Can this be fixed, or is there a reason for this "feature"?

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I've just tried the portable version of "ClickyGone" with Recuva on my XP system, and Recuva disappeared with no problem.




And I managed to get it back again, which is a bonus. :)


I wonder if this is Operating System related?


Which OS are you using, and which version of Recuva, and have you ever had a similar issue with any other program in the past?

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I am using Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. Will have to try this on my XP install, and also make sure I downloaded the Portable ClickyGone version (Can't imagine I wouldn't have).


As for Recuva version (which I know is a little outdated) - 1.46.919.


Nope, first time I have struck these symptoms.


Was your successful test done while it was displaying found-files (The contents of the window I will most likely be wanting to hide Recuva at), or some other screen?

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I didn't do the test with a scan loaded, but since reading your post I have, and I get the same result.


Recuva hides OK, and I can't think of any settings within Recuva which could make a difference.


XP is all I have so I can't test with anything else, so I'm interested to see if you get the same thing with your XP system.



EDIT: And it may be worth trying the latest version of Recuva.



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