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File list behaviour


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I would like to see the behaviour of DF improved. Take the following steps;


1. Hit "Analyze" and DF will show all fragmented files.

2. Select all fragmented files (Ctrl-A) and then click on one of the (in my case, red) blocks. Then a list of all files that are located in that (red) block shows up in and it's shown whether or not these files are fragmented. That happens in a separate tab that pops up called "Highlighted".

3. Select one or more fragmented files and hit "Defrag Checked". Then DF starts defragging those selected files.So far so good.


What I don't like is that the tab "Highlighted" disappears and the tab "File list" becomes active again when DF starts defragging the files. I think the tab "Highlighted" should remain visible until the user closes that tab or selects another tab.

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