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AMD CPU temps too high

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I downloaded Speccy yesterday and ran it for the first time. All the other temp readings seem normal, but CPU temps are not realistic. I looked for another utility program to make a comparison, and ended up installing AMD's Overdrive software. At this moment, I'm running I.E., Speccy, AMD Overdrive, and scanning with Norton A/V to load the processor. Speccy is reporting a temp range from 111-114 C, while AMD Overdrive is showing 59-63 C. System specs follow:


Windows 8 v 6.2.9200 (64 bit)

Speccy v 1.22.537 (64 bit)


HP Envy DV7-7333CL laptop

BIOS Insyde v F.22 12/19/2012 (Current)

AMD A10-4600M processor 4 Core Operating Frequency 1400-2300 MHz

Radeon HD 7660G Integrated Graphics

Memory 8 Gb DDR3 @ 800 MHz


If the developers are already aware of this and are working on it, then one of the moderators could post a reply confirming this and that will be the end of this thread. If not, I can supply more detailed system specs via Speccy, post screenshots of my findings, or run Speccy in debug mode to supply the developers with more data.

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YES i have same issue. i have ryzen 5 1600x cpu and speccy shows me 99 Celsius cpu temperature. my cpu actually at 55 Celsius

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