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I downloaded CCleaner 4.05.4250 today. First, thank you for adding Open Office 4 to it. However, I also noticed "NVIDIA" is now listed under utilities. Since NVIDIA is my video driver and I didn't know what CCleaner would to do it or its effects on it, I unchecked it. So, what does CCleaner do to it? What's deleted?

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Below is the exact cleaning code for NVIDIA as it is set up in CCleaner V4.05


Detect=HKCU\Software\NVIDIA Corporation


These folders are nothing more than the extracted files from the Nvidia installer. This extraction occurs when users download a nVidia graphics update and then run the installer. The installer extracts the files to the %SystemDrive%\Nvidia (or NV) folder. It then installs the new nVidia files and completes the update. Once the update is completed, the extracted files in %SystemDrive%\Nvidia (or NV) are no longer needed or used. Deleting them has no negative affect on a user's system.


If you feel uncomfortable with removing with file, back it up first on a CD or Flash Drive. Then let CCleaner remove the folder. Reboot your computer and you will find that everything still works just fine. I've done this when my computers had Windows XP, then Vista, then Windows 7, and now Windows 8.

Windows 10 x64 Pro on ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard, i7-6700k CPU,H220 X2 Liquid Cooler, 64 gbyte RipJaws DDR4 3200 RAM, Samsung 970 Pro NVMe M.2 500 gbyte SSD + Samsung 850 Pro 512 gbyte SSD, EVGA Nvidia GeForce 980 Titan card (Home Built System);  Windows 11x64 Pro on 512 gigabyte Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 Laptop/tablet.  ASUS RT-AC88U router, 14 tbyte WD My Cloud PR2100 NAS Server, 200 Mbps cable Internet, MS Edge Chromium, MS Office 2019 (Local), Casper 11, DisplayFusion (3 Flat Panel Displays per system):   Kaspersky Internet Security 2021, Malwarebytes 4, Quicken, Weather Watcher Live, ThumbsPlus 10, Sticky Password 8, WD Smartware, CyberLink PowerDVD20, MSI Burner, Rainmeter, Windows Sidebar, WD Smartware and many more.

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