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Chrome flash settings are cleared.


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I play games on Facebook the use flash. I realize Chrome has it's own flash but the object is the same. When the game first opens, I am prompted by flash for how much cache to let the program use. It starts at a default of 10M, but later the game itself asks and sets it to unlimited. I'm fine for weeks, months, whatever till I run crap cleaner on chrome, then this whole process repeats. I haven't have time to find what it is that is cleared, but rather than clearing the cache it uses, it also clears the settings. Not a big bug, more of a "wish it wouldn't" thing.


Maybe you guys know more about what's going on behind the scenes than I do.



Running Windows 8 64bit, Chrome 27.x and the only setting that I'm running is Internet Cache & Cookies.

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Untick in CCleaner:

Cleaner -> Applications -> Multimedia -> Adobe Flash Player


Or if you want CCleaner to clean Flash, but not your settings file for it:

You can exclude the settings.sol file for Flash Player in CCleaner, it's located in:

...\your user profile folder\application data folder\Macromedia\Flash Player

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I don't have Adobe flash installed. I know I was vague with the "chrome has it's own flash". I think it's pepper flash. Anyway it's not Adobe. So I can't do those settings you suggest.


Besides that I've been playing with the analyse feature and seeing what files CC is removing. I tried it in pieces manually trying to eliminate which one was doing it. NOW I can't replicate the issue. I ran CC and chrome keeps working. So I may have found a bug but maybe in the user not the program :o So for the time being I think this should be dropped. Unless someone sees the same issue then it's worth more time. There are bigger and better things to play with.

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