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The Quest for the Web's Holy Grail

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Hey Dennis! I really liked that. Here's another one:


Go on Youtube, and start any video. Wait until it starts to play (after the commercial), and place your mouse cursor on the screen. Then type "1980" (without the quotes). See what happens!

Start every day with a smile and get it over with. - W.C. Fields

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I'm not sure if what happened was what was supposed to happen, but I've discovered something while doing it.


Tell me what was supposed to happen and I'll tell you what I've discovered.


I have a feeling they may not be the same thing.


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You should get the opportunity to briefly play the game "Missile Command". Youtube did it to acknowledge the thirtieth anniversary of the game. I guess they never disabled it. Why do you ask? You didn't get a link to a porno from 1980, did you?

Start every day with a smile and get it over with. - W.C. Fields

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Damn, I didn't get the "Missile Command" thing. What a disappointment.


All that happened as I typed in 1980 was that the playback bar curser jumped to 10%, 90%, 80% and then back to 0%, the beginning.


I didn't know that pressing a number between 0 and 10 would jump to the corresponding % X 10 playback position.


I wonder if the "Missile Command" failure is because, and I've only just noticed this after looking for a difference, I get "YouTube GB".



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I observed that the last digit determined the play point.


e..g. on a 6 minute duration video

1 started at 10% = 36 Seconds

5 started at 50% = 3 minutes.


I am using Palemoon.

Perhaps different browsers send different data to YouTube,

or perhaps YouTube do different things depending upon Location and other browser header data

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I do not see any GB Logo


I placed in my Palemoon Search bar the phrase

Youtube "The Ultimate Handshake"


I used various search engines and clicked on one result from each and the browser Address bar contained the following


StartPage :-

The same video is also produced via
Google :-

The same video is also produced via
Yahoo :-

Different videos from Bing :-
(no - I never use Bing - and the monster address is the least of my concerns)

Different videos from DuckDuckGo :-

Different videos from Ixquick :-


I think 4 out of 6 search engines are very consistent by taking me to


They are possibly more honest and straightforward compared to the other two.

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Works for me now using normal and numeric keypad.


The failure was caused by having the video window "active", which obviously resulted in the "quick find video position" behaviour.


The "YouTube GB" was also quickly sorted by altering the default chosen location at the bottom of the page, which I have never bothered with before.

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