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Opera 15


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I downloaded the newly updated version, Opera 15, and I was wondering if anyone else has tried it and what the reactions to it are.


It is a bit different, but now that I have played around with it for awhile, I am really getting to like it.



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Hi Papajoe.


A bit of a discussion here about it ...




I'm a long time Opera user, and besides the comments I made in that other topic, I'm wondering what's going on with the bookmark setup?


Unless I'm missing something (an updated version maybe) then all bookmarks seem to have to be in the "Speed Dial". I've got hundreds of bookmarks and just can't see the thinking behind this move away from traditional bookmarks.


I have to say again, it's Opera in name only, and will never, without drastic modification, replace Opera 12 which I will continue to use.

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