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Restore to same folder


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I was trying to move folders containing files, pictures, movies etc from one external drive to a newer external drive using cut and paste (folders) however the target drive (newer) stopped working. Now I need to reclaim my data on my older drive (source). I ran Recuva and recognize some of the files like my photos but I dont see any movie names my document name or song names I am sure they are all there. My questions is are they going to be put back in the same folders the way they were, will I be able to watch the movies etc. if not what do I do.I have not done restore of the files yet.

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Welcome to the forum.


DO NOT restore to the old drive or you will corrupt what you are trying to recover.

You can expect to regain the correct folder structure but on a different RELIABLE drive,

but any shortcuts to the old drive should still work after you give the reliable drive the original drive letter.


Under Options / Actions check the boxes :-

Scan for non-deleted files;

Restore folder structure.


It is just possible the lost files are of the "non-deleted" type,

because I find that under Windows 7 the files which are cut are NOT deleted until I have chosen a valid destination and pasted to that destination.


I would have expected that under your Windows ??? the same would apply,

and that if the destination stopped working during the paste operation then files not yet pasted would still be safe on the old drive

and files fully pasted would be present on the new drive and accessible to Recuva even if Windows Explorer cannot see them,

and the only casualty would be the single file that was in the middle of the transfer.


Unfortunately Windows often fails to meet expectations. I cannot predict your outcome.

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Thanks Alan, for your info all the cut and paste was completed. I am on windows XP. Well I am going to take your suggestion and opt for "scan for non-deleted files and restore folder structure to s different drive. Hopefully all will be back to normal. Again, I do appreciate your quick response. Need more folks like you to make life easier. Thanks.

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