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files found but cannot read them


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found 112 photos on sd card (jpeg) but when reopened nothing on my pc can open them . unknown format, that was with the freebe version . is it a con to make you purchase ?. wont be happy if it is as I already use 2 other products of this company

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The functionality of the free version of Recuva is no different to the Pro Version. The "Pro" gives you a couple of extra features (nothing to do with it's recovering ability) and priority support from Piriform.


Companies which pull that stunt usually tell you that you need to purchase a license to recover.


Images can be really difficult to recover for many reasons, but firstly do the images carry the correct file extension?


And secondly, maybe have a go at opening them with "IrfanView", which sometimes has success with slightly damaged files where other programs fail. I've had that happen first hand so I know it can work sometimes.


IrfanView Portable 4.36: (No need to install)


If you do have any luck opening any of the images, you will need to save them off from within IrfanView as a new image.


EDIT: Welcome to the forum by the way spider.

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Guest Keatah

I think we should to make a sticky about FAT and memory cards and fragmentation. Per the documentation -- http://www.piriform....ow-recuva-works -- Recuva can't do much with fragmented files.


And files on memory cards are likely to be fragmented as the card is used with time. And the FAT filing system just makes the whole thing worse for other technical reasons.


You are going to need software that can scan for and properly assemble those fragments. A file carver. There are payware solutions that can do this. Many offer a try-before-you-buy deal to see if it's worth it.


Meanwhile a free thing to try -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photorec

You can read more about photo recovery operations here -- http://en.wikipedia..../Photo_recovery

And file carving here -- http://en.wikipedia....ki/File_carving


Yep, some of it is in-depth technical. But then again, that's what it takes to do a successful job. Today. In time, freeware software will evolve and more the whole process more automated.

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