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Scan does not find ANY files

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I decided to try Recuva and am using ver 1.47.948. I had accidently deleted some files from a networked computer so I wanted to recover them. I first let Recuva scan the folder where the files had been. It took 3 hours and came back with themessage "Incomplete results. NTFS, 699GB. Cluster size: 512. file record size: 1024. Found 0 file(s) (277,689 ignored)."


I then decided to scan the entire hard drive and checked the all the options on the "scanning" under the "Actions" tab except "Scan for non-deleted files..". This scan took 5 hours and gave me the identical message above.


For a 3rd try I deleted some files I no longer needed and left them in the Recycle Bin. Scanned full hard drive again and still the same results.


For a 4th try I emptied the recycle bin, scanned again and once again same results.


Recuva is NOT finding ANY deleted files. Why? I have followed instructions to the letter and double checked everything.


Please help!

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Hi Jim, and welcome to Piriform.


Judging by many similar issues in the past I don't think Recuva has the same file access permissions in a network situation.


There are many instances of folk trying to recover from networked drives, which just doesn't work. Some of my fellow members may know the exact technicalities behind this but I don't I'm afraid.


Can you use a portable version of Recuva on say a flash drive directly on this computer, or are you limited to network access only?



EDIT: An example of a previous similar situation with a brief explanation ...



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