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...also why the hell does it say "CCleaner by bigdog"


Must be whoever submitted it to SoftPedia; least that's my best guess. If it was the maker who submitted it, it should say Piriform or MrG. Stupid people taking credit for other people's stuff! :angry:

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Actually, the word bigdog is a link to CCleaner.com. The author of the review is Alex Muradin...


Right, but shouldn't it say Piriform, as opposed to bigdog? That would be like if I put a link to CCleaner.com and put lokoike on it. They should have set it up the way FileHippo does, with Piriform being the link to Piriform's products.


It says "CCleaner by bigdog", which insinuates that he/she/it is the writer of it, which is not the case (unless MrG uses a different alias). So it is still taking credit for someone else's hard work, and it is still wrong.

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