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Speccy crashes near end of analysis of OS data

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I have all but tortured this thing figuring out where it is, and after running "\path\to\speccy\Speccy64.exe" /debug a lot of times, I figured out that it was the gathering of the OS data that was running into consistent, repeatable crashes. I don't know if it is on Windows itself or Speccy, and from reading the logs, I honestly cannot tell. I have a zip of a whole slew of logs, sorted into folders, attached to this post, and when I started reading through the OS ones, I noticed a trend: they ended in approximately the same place (3 ended at line 124 and 1 at 126) and the same step in the same process (at what is likely the end of getting a list of my several JREs, mostly from my JDKs). I wonder if there is a simple line that shouldn't be there in the code for getting the OS information. I did find that when I had every box except for the OS data analysis checked, it still never crashed, but when it only had that box checked, it crashed like clockwork.

List of logs.zip

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Sorry for missing some very important information:

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit SP1

Speccy Version: 1.22.536


Also, I noticed that the issue still holds when I run the 32-bit version (Speccy.exe) instead of the 64-bit one.


EDIT: Also, if a moderator could help me out, I made a large mistake on the title. It should read "Speccy crashes near end of analysis of OS data".

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