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does anyone like this theme? i just recently downloaded it and it goes really nice with my Opera skin right now.



Thanks. It's really cool, and a nice change.


Don't you get scared making changes like that? I'll keep it on my favorites list, and then in a few months I'll ask you if there are any more bugs.


:P K

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scared? not really. in fact i really like this skin. right now im using a skin for Opera that makes everything black. since Luna Element had no black, i had to search for another one and stuck with a Vista Theme. but now that it's nice and black, i'm all good :)

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Too buggy and he knows it. Definitely shouldn't have been released.



Before reporting any bugs try and think of and explaination why the bug occurs and don't assume immediately it's a VS problem. Here are 3 "bugs" I know of:

* Black text background for checkboxes in some applications. (Application bug)

* In Firefox the scrollbar glyph doesn't change color on hover. (Firefox bug)

* Selecting files may make icons look green/yellow. (Windows XP bug)


It's not a Windows XP bug, he just has no idea how to set up the colors for the icon selection. Hell, all these "bugs" he reports are problems with his skins, not what he blames it on.

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Some aspects look kinda nice. The blue color is pretty cool. But the start menu looks bad. And the buttons that minimize/maximize/close the windows looks strange...


Not something that I would use.

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I'm using it and I like it. Although the things you guys have said I'll agree on. There are some down sides to this one. I'm going back or... I'll look into another one I like on the site. That's mainly we're I get my Wallpaper at.

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