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In Recuva, I noticed it was showing ALL of the thumbnails of previously watched movies/clips in XBMC as undeleted. Even though CCLEANER was set to clear the cache! So on further investigation it turns out that ccleaner doesn't touch these directories and might be worth adding?




There was also another directory



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CCleaner doesn't natively handle XBMC at all (at least not as far as I can see in winapp.ini)


Please add the following code to a file called winapp2.ini (make sure ini is the file extention) and put it in your CCleaner folder


edit: I'm assuming winapp2.ini is already there, since winapp2.ini cleans the xmbc cache. It may have been created if you put it there yourself or used an application to 'enhance' CCleaner.



[XBMC Thumbnails*]

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