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No temperature icon seen in System Tray after downloading latest Speccy version?


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Good morning everyone,


The documentation with this latest version of Speccy indicates that it provides a temperature icon in the System Tray. However, I have yet to see it. I've looked around the Forum here and have been unable to find information addressing this issue.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the temperature icon to display?


Thanks very much for your time and any info!



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Hi PC, and welcome to the forum.


I'll go for the obvious first.


This feature isn't active by default, have you set it up to display the temperature icon?




I don't have Win7 so can't comment on Alan's suggestion.

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Hi Alan and Dennis and thanks very much for your respective replies!


(Alan): I am running Win7 Pro SP1, 64-bit. When I click on the "Display hidden icons" in the Taskbar, I still see nothing for the Speccy program temperature icon. In checking the list of all icons (by clicking on the "Customize" link, there is nothing shown for Speccy there either. (Dennis): The screenshot you posted matches mine exactly.


I'm sort of stumped on this one, though it's not that big of a deal since I can still just run the Speccy program and see the CPU and HDD temps that way.


Thanks again! :)



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The 64 bit Portable version works for me.

But not till I experimented.


I first made it active and it did not happen.

I closed Speccy and still nothing (no surprise there then).

I launched Speccy and it still failed to appear within Tray Customize,

but at least the options remembered what I had told it to do.


I clicked on the Speccy Taskbar icon and the icon vanished (which surprised me) and the GUI also vanished,

and then I tried Tray Customize and found the Speccy icon and was able to choose "Show icon and notifications".


I also find that when I click the Speccy Minimize button the Task Bar icon varnishes with the GUI and the Tray Icon then appears.


SPECCY SHORTCOMING after configuring :-

After launching I have to waste time and effort navigating and then clicking to minimize the GUI and see the Tray icon.

It would be sensible if I could launch in /AUTO mode, but the only command line option seems to be "/debug"



There is no 404 page error, there is absolutely no response at all,

when I click on what LOOKS LIKE a link which reads as

Click here to go to the help section homepage.



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Hi Folks,


I have been following this also and posted on it. One would think they would offer some simple instructions on how to use this cute little feature. I guess it's not done automatically as not everyone is concerned about having it in their registry. Glad I've got Speccy to rely on until this gets sorted out. Did I say I hate computers at some point? Take care all.



If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. If I can ease one life the aching or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. (Emily Dickinson-1830-1886)

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