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An immediate Help->About while Analyzing crashes Speccy 1.22.536

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I just upgraded to 1.22.536.


I started the program and (being impatient) I did Help->About

to immediately see the version number. All categories said

"Analzying" while I did this.


The About box appears, I confirm this is version 1.22.536.


The main window updates the Operating System category

for my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1) and then it crashes.


I would restart the program and try Help->About and it would

consistently crash. I submitted many comments to Piriform

via their crash report popup dialog. I found this problem

very reproducible.


Also, I even started to see 1.22.536 crash without even using

Help->About. That is, as soon as the Speccy printed the OS

information, bam, it crashed.


So I downgraded all the way down to 1.21.491 and the program

did not crash. The I upgraded back to 1.22.536 and started the

program and waited for all results, and didn't see a crash.


I restarted 1.22.536 again, did Help->About while Analyzing and I

got it to crash.


After making 1.22.536 crash via Help->About while Analyzing,

subsequent restarts crash without Help->About. It seems that

I'm able to tickle something to make it crash, and this tickle

appears persistent ... causing subsequent hands-free crashes.


Anybody else see this?

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Hi I had simiar problem while updating SPC to version 1.22. It happened only one time though.

Try to run Speccy with /debug Parameter and send me log & crashdump mabe i can help.

You are saying that the crash occurs immediatelly right after OS section had been analyzed ?

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send me log & crashdump mabe i can help.


Better to post it on forum so devs and other users can see it.

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