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Browser 'private mode' versus browser cleansing


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What are others thoughts on simply starting a browser in Private Mode and not having anything recorded in the first place versus the need to 'cover my tracks' with the use of a browsers internal delete history and such feature or the need to run products like CCleaner.


With a few recent threads covering topics like IE10 still showing history after running CC, or sites visited not cleared and similar, most users are into removing their history, cookies, temp files etc - for whatever reason they want. I was wondering why do those cleanup processes at all when you can run most (if not all) browsers with a 'private mode' turned on and not have anything recorded.


Now I know these private modes also include things like not recording passwords and go a lot further them simply not recording sites visited, but if you are interested (or worried) enough to remove your history and cookies, why would you want passwords, for example, kept?

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I like to have my data. Many people don't mind the data (or even like it) but delete for backups and whatnot.


I like that when I open my browser, I'm logged into every site I'm normally visiting (with few exceptions) - but I still clear my history when it gets cluttered and I still kill the cache every so often (though I usually let it self manage - it's set to max size)


At any rate, you might want session history, which private browsing doesn't keep. It's not one-size-fits-all unfortunately.


I think most people that have been posting about it recently would benefit from a "clean history on browser close" internal setting.

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When I tried IE private browsing - some time ago, and I've since upgraded both OS and IE - it was far from 'Not have anything recorded,' IE just deleted my browsing stuff. At the time or on browser close, I can't remember. Anyway, it was all recoverable with Recuva, which might worry some people. I haven't retried it as I'm not too bothered about it.

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