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Move files to end of disk permanently

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I'm trying to speed up my desktop and I downloaded Defraggler. I noticed that there is an option to send files to the end of the disc which is an option not found in other software of this kind.

This option made ​​me think it would be a good idea to be able to move to the end of the disc, (or to the last third of the disk for example) a number of files or directories, (even if not fragmented).

The user's choice would be the files / directories that did not need to have many hits and so it could be in aslower zone of the disk, leaving free space at the beginning of the disk for other files most critical to the performance of the computer.

Files sent to the slow part of the disk would be excluded from future defrags defragmented because I would not need quick access. When new files were added to one of these "slow" directories, they would be sent to a space available at the end of the disc.


For me a slow directory would by my pictures, my videos, my downloads. Other people would have different choices but there are always files that we want to keep but are seldomly used.


This scenario uses two areas, but there could be more disk zones for files of intermediate/ indeterminate priority. For example, a game that you don't play too often or files that are not in layout.ini.




more free space in the fast disk zone and less files to move / defragment in the long term.




you tell me


What do you think?

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I agree send to end of disk is excellent


I would also like:-

Disk zones like mydefrag.

Priorities on selected files.

understand files types. (e.g. VHD files)

Be able to specify a folder as an archive which will usualy only get read.


More clarity on the move big files to the end toolbox as the options can interperated in two ways.

I would expect the tick box don't move 'large files' to say keep the larg files moved to the end at the end.

If this box is ticked is this large files with the extensions selected or all large files.


The user interface and ablity to id files on the map is brilliant.

would like to sort the fragments and files size live whilst a defrag is running.



Keep up the good work



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