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Unsure if this is a bug..

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Hi there. First off, thanks to the CCleaner developer(s?) for making such a great prog. Ive used it for a while now, without any problems.


Recently, I installed emule. I then uninstalled it, and also removed any traces of the program. After a reboot and several hours I ran ccleaner like I do every day. Under the 'applications' tab, emule hashes and search history were still showing up.. why? The program isn't on my computer any longer.


This has happened with a few other programs. Anyone who has the slightest idea as to what I can do to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, then Im guessing its a bug?


Anyways, thanks again.

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You are not alone. Dozens of people have had this exact same problem (myself included) with numerous apps. The problem is mostly due to how the program (in this case, eMule) uninstalls itself. If it leaves certain registry keys behind, CCleaner will think it is still on your system. Hopefully MrG will allow CCleaner to remove these keys in a future version, but for the present, here is what I did:


1. Click Start and open up Run...


2. Type in "regedit" (without the quotes) and click OK


3. Once Regedit has opened up, hit Ctrl+F


4. Type in "eMule" (without quotes) or something related to the app you are trying to fully remove


5. Delete the related registry items


If you find them all, and get rid of them, that should solve your problem. The app simply will not be listed in CCleaner anymore.

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